WHAT IS A PREACHER SUPPOSED TO DO?I read a survey done by Joe Riggs of Jackson, Tennessee a few years ago in which church members were asked to state the percentage of his time they felt the preacher should spend in different works:

  • Sermon preparation….65%
  • General church work….25%
  • Administration….0%
  • Public relations…. 45%
  • Counseling…. 60%
  • Visiting non-members….80%
  • Visiting members….85%

All of this adds up to 360% of his time in church work. That evidently would leave very little time for a family or even for sleep. There are 168 hours in the week and thus one would need to add 436 more hours to his week in order for a preacher to get done what brethren think needs done. Someone else in commenting on this survey said: “It is also interesting to note that the highest percentage involved visiting members. Do we want pastors or preachers? Have we turned so inward, that we really want our preachers to spend 85% of their time holding the hands of the saved rather than reaching out to the unsaved?”

The main thing that comes across to me from this is that it is no wonder so many good men become discouraged and disgusted and get out of local preaching. If one were to pay attention to the desires expressed or to the complaints made, the preacher would never be able to do the work he became a gospel preacher to do. Brethren, we need to put away childish things and grow into maturity!

Oran Rhodes