SOMEDAYThere’s a loving letter I mean to send;
There’s a visit I mean to pay;
There’s a careless habit I have to mend
When I get the time — someday.

There’s a dusty Bible I mean to read;
There’s an hour I’ll keep to pray;
And I’ll turn each dream to a golden deed
When I get the time — someday.

I will carry flowers to the sick and sad;
I will seek for those who stray;
You may trace my steps by the hearts made glad,
When I get the time — someday.

So we have thought and so we have said;
Yet how sad it is to relate
That, busy with less important things,
We waited until too late.

We never will get the time, dear friend,
To be kind along life’s way,
Unless, thoughtfully and prayerfully,
We make the most of today.