Sin Is Like A Tick

Sin Is Like A TickI found a tick on me the other day. Fortunately I got it off before it embedded itself into my skin. Afterwards, I was thinking – sin is a lot like a tick. Notice, for example:

* It tries to sneak into your life. Ticks are successful because they can get on you without being detected. Sin often works like that, too. It tries to get into your life without being noticed for what it is.

* It finds a hidden spot. Once a tick gets on you, it usually tries to find a spot where you won’t discover it. Sin does the same. Sin usually works so that we end up doing it in secret.

* Once imbedded, it is hard to get off. When a tick has buried its head into you, it holds on for dear life. Sin is the same. Once it becomes a part of our lifestyle, it is difficult to shed.

* It gets bigger over time. If a tick remains on you long enough, it will gorge itself and get disgustingly huge. And so does sin. If left in your life long enough, one sin grows into many and gets worse and worse.

* It can leave you infected or seriously ill. Tick bites damage the skin and can carry diseases, some even deadly. Sin is also like that. Left in our lives, sin can damage our lifestyle, relationships, and souls. I also realized that avoiding and getting rid of sin is like doing so with a tick.

* Use preventative measures. Covering exposed areas and ap-plying repellent helps avoid ticks getting on you. Preparing yourself to resist temptation keeps sin at bay. Covering your life with Christ also helps.

* Avoid places where heavy infestations occur. Staying away from where ticks congregate reduces the risk greatly. Staying away from sinful places also helps reduce the risk of sin getting a hold on you.

* Examine yourself on a regular basis. Checking for ticks after you have been in the woods is always a good idea. Checking your life regularly to see if sin has entered is also a really good idea.

* If you notice one on you, get it off immediately. The sooner you can get rid of a tick, the better. The same goes for sin.

* If one bites you and you don’t look or feel well, see a doctor. Concerning tick bites, it is important to let a medical expert help if they can. It is also important to see the Great Physician if sin has damaged our life – He can help to make us all better!

Edd Sterchi