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Ships of Salvation

Just as America depends on the ships in the navy to come to our defense, God likewise has given us different ships in the Bible–ships of salvation. Christians have the assurance of final victory over Satan if we will utilize the weapons he gave us.

Phil 2: 14 – 16


Why is there such suffering in the world today? Why does an all loving God allow terrible things to happen?
Ecc. 6:12

The Church and the Individual

Psalms 119:128

If you’re for something, you must be against its opposite. In the religious world there are things such as truth and error. There in, if you stand for the truth then you hate error. The Bible has identifying marks that it gives for the Lords church. What you have to look at is, is it the church of the Bible? There are those that try to distinguish between the work of the church and the work of Christians.

Psalms 19

Voices can sound a warning. They can also lead us in the right direction. It’s especially important to always make sure we hear the voice of God. In Psalm 19 we have three voices given to us in this short psalm and when we look at this we have a wonderful example of God, through the Psalmist, teaching us some lessons.

Providence of God

We have a God who loves us and through his providence is going to take care of you. In simple terms, providence is God working through natural means in today’s world of established laws and ordinary channels to bring about his purposes and to bring about good for his children.