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The Last Will and Testament of Christ

Heb. 9

The word testament and will mean the same thing. So, when we talk about the new testament or the new will of God, we’re talking about the same thing. A new covenant. A testament or a will, is a written document, which one provides for his estate. It’s always future tense. You’re saying “this is my will, my desire, my expectation.”

A testament or will implies that someone has something to will. Second, it implies death.  When someone makes a will, one has their mind centered on after their departure, what do they want to happen with their possessions or who do they want them to go to.

Render Unto Caesar

Matt 22:15-22
Sometimes we struggle as Christians as to how to live a Christian life and at the same time live as a good citizen in the United States. Jesus basically answered this question for us.