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What the Gospel Does

Acts 17:5-6
When you talk about the world, there are many things that change or have turned the world upside down. You just have to look back through history and you’ll see different movements, different individuals who were filled with passion, devotion, some type of enthusiasm that they had for a cause, something they believed in and it just revolutionized the whole world. The same thing is true spiritually.

Four Things that Belong to Christ

As one grows up in life we grow to the point where we learn the meaning of something belonging to us. When you talk about things belonging to us, we take great comfort also in belonging to something, be it a cause, be it a country; we take pride in that. We take pride in belonging to a family; we take pride in belonging to the family of God. What I learn from Hebrews chapter 4 is that there are great advantages to being in Christ, being in God’s family.


Often times, in life, we get in ruts. Spiritually, the same thing can happen. We get tired of particular topics. As Christians, we lose our zeal; we lose our enthusiasm for the Lord.

Closed Doors

Matthew 6:6
We understand what it means for a door to shut. When you talk about doors in the Bible it has a lot to say about doors. I want to notice one particular type of door this morning, and that is closed doors.

Four Things for Church

Acts 15:1-2
Wherever you have people, you’re always going to have problems. When you look in the Bible, we find that the early church was not exempt from problems. In Acts 15 we see that a problem arose in the early church that had to do with circumcision.