Bible Course

Central Church of Christ is pleased to offer you a FREE online Bible correspondence course.  This course consists of ten  lessons.  Each lesson has questions at the end formatted so that you can simply type your answers into the spaces provided, and they can then be e-mailed to us.  Within a few days, your grade should be returned to your e-mail address.  This procedure is followed until the entire course is finished.  Please rest assured that we have nothing to sell nor will we harass you in any way.  We only want to help you find your way to heaven.

If you experience any trouble using this course please email us at .

We wish God’s blessings on you in the study and application of His Word.  Thanks for stopping in!

Bible Course

  1. Our God is Alive
  2. God has Spoken
  3. What is Man?
  4. Focusing on Jesus
  5. Eternity and Man

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